Marvel Future Revolution 2.5 Hour Play First Review

It’s Gamescom 2021 weekend and I was feeling a little peckish on the demos and titles released during this season. I just live-streamed a PC demo indie title with Zelda like vibes called TUNIC a couple of days ago, so today I’ll just do a quick playthrough of a mobile game from Netmarble (South Korea’s largest mobile-gaming company & developer) with Marvel Superheroes Character Licensing.

Be warned, this is not the usual web game that you can usually find in Marvel HQ. We are talking about almost AAA quality gameplay with a lot of explosives and deeper storytelling. Suitable for ages 12+, with Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence. And those of you who are looking for good Marvel Mobile Games in 2021, perhaps this game will fit the bill.

Marvel Future Revolution Stream Summary

Like what people would say: a superhero game with Marvel Characters shouldn’t be too far off the mark. They should adhere to some standards, right? Taking a peek from Google Play Store, this game is apparently ranked #1 in the role-playing game category, and with a few good reasons to boot.

Wait, Am I “Game Marvel” Enough To Do A Review

👽 A Bit About Me:

Just a bit of background about myself, I do play a few Marvel mobile game titles before, namely Marvel Contest of Champions (developed by Kabam, which is owned by Netmarble) & Spiderman Unlimited (developed by Gameloft, shutdown since March 2019). These are the 2 Marvel games I have spent the most hours on and still remember them due to their unique gameplay mechanics at that time. After that, it was Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 that held the Marvel spirit up for me on my console gaming sprees.

I also love role-playing games, and open-world games but I always felt that the possibility of “repeated mundane quests” would eventually set in after all the main quests have been done (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey comes to mind here).

So when I saw both keywords on this game’s description, my immediate impression was: how would an open-world superhero game work? What will make people play on?

And after a good 2-hour gameplay, I have my answer.

Is Marvel Future Revolution Free?

🤓 First Impressions:

Well, just as how the story goes for a free game that has downloadable content, the “shell” Marvel Future Revolution game took up around 1.7GB on my little trusty Android Samsung Galaxy A70 phone, and upon starting the app, another huge 3.5GB “initial content” dump welcomed me. If you are on a relatively fast WiFi connection, it’ll probably take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and the wait was worth it since there is a huge helping of Marvel video goodness that introduces the myriad of characters you can play.

From the all-time Marvel-Game-Licensing-Favorites like Spiderman, Ironman and Captain America, there is also Black Widow, Star-Lord, Dr Strange, Captain Marvel and Storm that made it into the initial roster of superhero “stories” you can play. And boy these stories could be quite long from the feel of it as I only managed up to Chapter 2 of ironman at the end of the 2-hour stream. Of course, the first 1 hour or so is to get acquainted with the myriad of stuff you can do in-game, but the amount of storytelling and cut scenes is worth the extra time committed to finishing the game, even if you decide to ignore the “open-world” part.

Marvel Future Revolution
Beware you might need to wait for a while but hitting on the “START” button does let you play a minigame while you wait…
Marvel Future Revolution
I picked Iroman, Spiderman, Captain Marvel & Storm as my Starter Squad Members
Marvel Future Revolution
You do get a nice Check-In Gift every time you play the game

Much More Than a Spider-Man Game

🎮 Gameplay:

During the intro part, the developer took a few cues on “quick action” that is quite common on PS4 games that made it quite interesting to keep the viewer engaged throughout until the start of the game. Combat Controls are quite responsible (since my mobile phone is just a mid-tier phone, it still lags a little), buts it’s really cool to see more than 5 special moves available for each hero character.

Marvel Future Revolution
Complete Daily Quest and Challenges to get more coins and tokens to unlock even more in game stuff
Marvel Future Revolution
Plenty of Areas To Explore Here and Unlockable Achievements in each Area

But all that didn’t matter because as you start off Marvel Future Revolution with a squad of your own and go through the initial first few missions with manual fighting, the game casually introduces you to “auto-play” mode, which means you don’t really need to manually control your character to do all the walking / running at all, just simply tap and let it run on its own. Some may equate this to the feeling of playing an idle game (which does sometimes feel like this) but the difference is, you get some nifty story in between that fills in the gap of waiting.

But, here lies a tiny flaw in this setting: chaos. If you are not careful and “auto-play” mode is on, every time your character walks past a quest giver it will just slide into a different substory that might affect “the sense of continuity” in your original focus. A few times I was slightly annoyed with this and had to turn off the auto-play just to have a little more “hold” on my current questline to enjoy the excellent storytelling and dialogue “in full”.

Marvel Future Revolution
Looks like Ironman needs some help in the wardrobe department…
Marvel Future Revolution
You can easily change up how your character looks like as long as you have unlocked the skin in game

Of course, if you are the true blue hands-on type who loves actual play, there is plenty to tap and explore, doesn’t matter you are killing things, or just poking around the skill trees and character customizations… I certainly had a blast with this part as well and it kinda puts me in the “superhero management” shoes as I get to dictate what skills to equip and how my character looks like.

Upon digging a little deeper, I found the “OMEGA Cards” section that totally blown me away. I dare say this was the little “extra” that we don’t get in a “marvel action-based mobile game” a lot. Those of you who are card or comic book cover collectors would feel right at home with OMEGA cards as it literally opens up the tiny memory lane of marvel collectors all of us, and enough to satiate the good old days of spending money to own that comic book. So you wanna explore the world of card and comic collectables virtually? Do check out the Marvel Collect! By Topps Card Trader app.

Marvel Future Revolution
Oh My Cards! You can give your current equipped character a boost with collectable cards!

As usual, no free to play games are really free but you can be assured that monetization trip wires at this point are not too greedy and you can still have a decent 3-hour play without having strong “pay for membership” messages in front of you all the time.

By the way, those who are keen to spend money on the game can expect in-app purchases to be anywhere between RM 3.90 – RM 379.90 per item, ranging from exclusives, costumes, in-game currencies, chance to draw Omega Cards or Bundles that make the game a little more enjoyable without the grind. For example, Spider-Man: reach Lv. 10 would cost around $3.99 (around RM17) in exchange for maybe a 2.5-hour grind (with auto-play mode on).

Marvel Future Revolution
Skill Mastery makes your character stronger and unlockable depending on your current level
Marvel Future Revolution
Choose Your Own skills to map on the buttons

Does Marvel Future Revolution look any Good As A Video Game?

🎨 Graphics:

My gripe with the game is more towards the fact that it is really small on my Samsung Galaxy A70. My only saving grace during my stream was I was able to cast it to a bigger screen to be able to read the text, and admire little details of the character costumes and special effects. But I’d say if I were to play it exclusively on a mobile phone screen, it’ll be hard to appreciate the graphic quality the same way.

Of course, I’d prefer to take it as a strong possibility that it may end up with a PC / Switch / PS4 / PS5 port someday, seeing that with a little more processing power it would make a pretty nifty action game on its own, especially multiplayer sessions. But then again, since another Marvel title called “Marvel’s Avengers” is basically dominating the same multiplayer space with recently renewed spur of content updates… we probably won’t be seeing it happen so soon…!

No worries if you are playing the game on a much lower spec mobile phone as there are quite extensive graphic settings for you to adjust and you can easily still enjoy smooth gameplay with all the special effects and multiple moving enemies on screen. (p/s: it also saves some much-needed battery consumption too)

🎶 Music:

Somehow the music reminds me of a little Tokyo Pop style and not the usual run-of-the-mill American composed heroic theme music (well the game developers are from South Korea after all). The feeling is a little Asian to me (probably because I grew up listening to quite a few Japanese composed tunes) but it fits nicely to the game nonetheless. Voice-overs are neat and not too campy or overdramatic, and you can enjoy some really good entertaining dialogue in certain quests, fitting of the characters (out and in costume) that we know and love.

💡 Conclusion:

Will I play this game till the end – yes I would, simply because it has that collector value of the content and sub storylines that tie in well to the main storyline. Also, it has that distinct “interactive comic book feel” that sometimes turning on the autoplay just gives you a much simpler way to enjoy a good comic book story without the stress of levelling up manually. I haven’t got to the part of alliance fight and multiplayer yet (of course, it will probably be some grind before I get there) but I am truly enjoying it already with the multitude of things to explore, craft and personalize to my liking.

Also looking forward to the possibility of other characters being released as it seems that new character releases are expected to have the same “size” as the main hero characters. Will Marvel’s version of “open-world” + collector vibe work? Only time will tell but they can be assured that they already capture this little Marvel fan’s heart in the first 2 hours.

Download it from Google Play Store | Apple App Store

Official Website:


Watch The Live Video

Watch more Game Streams here:

More Information About Marvel Future Revolution And Netmarble

Check out the Announce Trailer for Marvel Future Revolution.

Check out the MARVEL Future Revolution Gamescom Trailer.

Is Marvel Future Revolution Free?

Yes, it’s free to play as long as your mobile phone is able to support it. In-game purchases are optional (can anywhere between RM 3.90 – RM 379.90 per item) and not necessary to unlock any story areas. Mostly cosmetics or rare chance to get rare boost and buffs. Do take note that depending on the game developer it may change in the future.

How many MB is Marvel Future Revolution?

The game is around 1.7GB (main mobile app) with 3.5GB downloadable content (at launch). That’s a whopping 5.2GB of space required on your mobile phones. Depending on the frequency of content updates you may need to free up more space in the future.

What Devices Are Compatible With Marvel Future Revolution?

Android 6.0 and up.

iPhone – Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

iPad – Requires iPadOS 11.0 or later.

iPod touch – Requires iOS 11.0 or later.

How To Download Marvel Future Revolution on PC?

The game is only available for Android and iOS at the time of writing, however, you may try to run it on an Android emulator like Nox or Bluestacks on the PC. Do take note that performance may vary depending on your PC specs and it might be the case where graphic card or memory may cause undesirable video or gameplay lags.

How To Play Marvel Future Revolution with Controller?

You will notice that the game has quite an extensive number of tappable buttons. If you have a controller that attaches to the mobile phone with software that maps the screen taps with your hardware it will work just fine.

Perhaps this may help:–PUBG-Mobile-Game-Controller-with-Triggers-for-3-5-6-5-Inch-Android-iOS-11-0~13-3-%E2%9C%88Electron%E2%9C%88-i.252742630.7948691908

Do take note that Price & Delivery Charges may vary depending on your location.

How Can I Live Stream Marvel Future Revolution on Facebook Live / Twitch / YouTube?

You can try to download Omlet Arcade (Android, iPhone) and connect your Facebook Page / Twitch Channel / YouTube Channel for Live Streaming purposes. Be warned, due to the copyright policies in place on all these channels, you won’t be able to monetize the video (meaning the platforms won’t allow you to put advertisements on the video to make money). Go on ahead and share your love for the game and create your own community of gamers.

How Can I Live Stream Marvel Future Revolution on Trovo?

Trovo is a relatively new Live Streaming platform by Tencent but gaining popularity. You can use their mobile app to cast your screen and audio directly to your Trovo Channel (Android, iPhone).

Will Marvel Future Revolution Be On Console?

Since another Marvel title called “Marvel’s Avengers” is basically dominating the same multiplayer space with recently renewed spur of content updates on console platforms like Playstation and XBOX, the chances are low but not impossible, albeit it may take more time to make it happen, since Netmarble is strong in mobile-gaming development, but not very experienced with console game development. But we have seen extraordinary examples such as Genshin Impact who managed to port over the game in multiple platforms for better market reach, and I think it really depends on how much gaming community support & traction they will get.

Best Characters to Start With Marvel Future Revolution

You can choose any hero as long as you keep in mind that enemies usually come in 2 types: single one on one and also in a swarm. You might want to check out the strengths of each superhero, some are just better at crowd control, and some actually adds buff / special boost effects to a team. I personally don’t really care that much because you have many ways to boost your character to overcome certain mission challenges like Omega Card buffs.

How To Get Stronger in Marvel Future Revolution

For now, as the game is new, focus on levelling up your characters to level 100. Each squad, for now, can have 4 superheroes and that’s plenty of content to play through for each character to reach 100. Yes, they don’t level up as a squad, but rather they take turns in different stories/areas and their individual stats will add up to your squad points which you will receive additional bonus attack, defence and bionic points as a squad.

What are Gateway and Gateway Tickets

When you are in a location, completing the main mission and side missions, you might notice a few spots that have orange indicators (Gateways) on the map, apart from the blue box (game items) and green exclamation marks (side quests). As you play more of the game, you will notice that occasionally you’ll have super baddies that appear on the map (a red skull that flashes on the side). Killing them could potentially give you Omega Cards that boosts your squad, or even be merged to create even more powerful cards. However, remember that your location has other players who are also out to kill them first. The Gateways are used for speed travel so that you can get to the bosses faster and kill them first before the others do.

Credit goes to mTurboGamer, check out his playlist for more tips.

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