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Welcome to my Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs. This is where I keep a journal of my discoveries, tips and tricks that I use to beat the game. Let’s grind this game together!

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(The logs are ordered by most recent first, new players probably will need to read from the first entry.)

9 September 2023

So word is on the street that the latest update to the game added “Factions”.

Well, needless today, I joined a clan… still waiting for something exciting to happen other than having extra labels next to my name that tells people which clan I am from.

Some are speculating that faction events or raids might be in the next release, among other ways to reward players who join forces as a group to take down the demons.

Judging from what I have seen so far of the game, it is unlikely they will invent something totally different, so I’ll go with the idea of points accumulation tactic + additional rewards from a loyalty store or something. Actually this was the core idea behind another mobile game “Marvel Contest of Champions” to get more players be active in a group.

Lets Look forward to the next updates then.

3 September 2023

Whoa, its been a while since my Battle Log Update.

I managed to get a Mythic Tier Crescent Moon Blade after much grinding and raiding of Chapter 4. Now I have switched to raiding Chapter 6 as it drops more materials to upgrade my new sword.

And yes I managed to finish Chapter 7 and unlocked… wait for it… Arena of Carnage now!

Best thing about this is I have access to the Honor store! Now I have another way to buy upgrade materials with my points from playing the Arena. Not a bad decision to keep going at the game.

For now am still relying on my trusty Shura Sword (since I have already maxed that out) to break Chapter 8. Oh yeah, if you are interested you can catch my latest victory fight on my YouTube Channel.

Here’s me being swarmed by hoards of wolves during my fight in Chapter 7.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
Gotta Swat Them All…

1 May 2023

A little surprise event from the developers to help those who would like to get Legendary Equipment but unfortunately had not so ideal drops from the Merchant Chests EVERY-SINGLE-TIME. It runs from May 1st 00:00 – May 21st 24:00 (UTC +9), so you’d better be quick about it if you have never bothered to open the chests before and hoarded quite a few.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
The path to Epic & Legendary equipment becomes clearer in this event

24 April 2023

Another month another game update, this time an overhaul of the ability system.

Usually when you play an area and you go through the stages, they will let you choose certain abilities that may help you get an edge in battle. It used to be pretty random (and the old descriptions are not too helpful) so what I tend to do is just pick one and move on.

In the new update, they have put in some quick info tags so that you can quickly decide which is best for your strategy (as if I have one so far, mine is solely based on what equipment I use and my mood of the day).

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
Before the April 2023 Update
Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
After the April 2023 Update

On another note, I made a YouTube Video of my gameplays!

Check out my Ronin the Last Samurai Gameplay Videos playlist.

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26 March 2023

After a few weeks of raids and grinding, I have managed to pass Chapter 6! Hurrah for loads of patience. Not just that, if you do your raids properly, you’d get enough gold and gear to achieve legendary tier of your preferred equipment, which is really handy when the bosses are tough in the later chapters.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
It’ll be awhile until we see any Red Mythic Tier tho…

I feel so confident now, that I might actually try Shura Road Chapter 1 and get a feel of it.

Also not forgetting, congratulations to Dreamotion for “Ronin: the last Samurai” reaching 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. And what’s more, a new event will be launched to help players get more gold for those needed upgrades of weapons. Seeing that ever since I played this game since February, most updates where rebalancing related. Another bit of good news is that Chapter 1 – 5 will be much easier for new players to complete (heh).

14 February 2023

Take that ye old Sword Master!

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
Yeah, let me have a go at what the future holds!

And with that, I have finally beat Chapter 5 after upgrading my sword and belt a little more. And I got to like Raid Mode a little better since I’m getting a little too busy to grind on a daily basis these days. Better have pocket full of coins than none. Make sure you send a Ronin out for raids every 4 hours (or anytime you just don’t feel like grinding), am pretty sure it will somehow open up a new way for you to level up your gear.

So happy to have managed to unlock Shura’s Road and feeling like being on top the world!

Of course, that’s not the end of it, still playing the game perhaps I’ll grind Tomoe next to catch up with Kenji.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
So I can now compete with other Samurai Friends around the World eh… Interesting!

12 February 2023

Following my last log on increasing my posture to help defend against the corrupted monks in game, I did manage to get through to the last stage of Chapter 5. Of course, it burned through some resurrection scrolls and ad rewarded “Free Continue”, as my character is still not quite fit to handle the slightly smarter enemies here.

Now the last boss of Chapter 5 is WAY crazy than I imagined. If you think the end boss in the last Chapter was hard, this tops it up again. You gotta master the skill of Counter Flash well to beat the Swordmaster. If you read my game review earlier, I did mention that executing a counter flash is hard in this game, that’s why there is a “practice” section for the regular enemies.

But this is a boss level character, and the only way to beat him, is just to keep trying and pray hard that you are blessed with a stroke of luck (in the literal sense). My Epic Shura’s Sword’s special skill could only dent around 40% of his health in this run, so it meant that I gotta beef the blade up a little more as well.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
What can I do when I am a Counter Flash Dummy?

Oh yeah, thanks to playing the Yokai Battle’s I’ve won some nice essences and managed to get a set of 3 Essence Of Life Gems, granting my character the Power of Life. Not very useful as it depends on whether you get any red orbs dropping from the enemies after a stage battle, but it’s a nice little “motivation” of sorts to understand how the perks would add up if you keep collecting up to sets of 5 or 8.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
My Small But Useful Gem Collection So Far

Back to the grind again, lets see what else I’ll unlock.

How To Beat Chapter 5 Ronin The Last Samurai – a.k.a 10 February 2023

Been hard at grinding for better gear, hopefully able to beat Chapter 5.

Have attempted to beat Chapter 5 around 5 times so far, each time learning a bit more about the stages and bosses.

First of all, you’d have more shinobis in this Chapter, and the Stage 10 boss is a grandmaster Level Shinobi. Also new to this chapter, is the Fist monks and the Bo monks (yes the ones with long sticks).

All of them, has one annoying move, which is the multi-hit combo.

Sometimes they would just unleash a 3 move hit and it might escape your blocks, especially when you just intended to block 1 hit with a follow up to counter.

Don’t get me started the moment they group around you and whack you silly with em sticks.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
Creepy Corrupted Monks hit hard, with good posture to boot!

So what I did to get the upper hand was improve my dodge skill. You can get this specs either through belts, or the Mastery section and add some points there. It does make a difference and I managed to get pass Stage 10.

After stage 10, it seems that my strong hit is not enough to terminate the enemy, so its time again to upgrade the trusty blade. By the way I am using an Epic Shura’s Sword the whole way through, you can check out my character specs below and try it yourself to match with your own gear set.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
My Current Gear for Farming Chapter 4 in Ronin The Last Samurai

I have to say it was a good choice to up the Greed Mastery for materials and coins, as it now costs more than 120 Whetstones and 18K Coins just to up 1 level of the sword.

One last thing you might want to focus on is your Posture specs. Most players start out improving the HP and ATK, but ignores the Posture (coz… well if you hit them first and kill them, they can’t hit you back). But the thing is, the monks are very strong in Posture points (this is why you get so easily stunned when you get hit by them).

Hopefully with this little observations, you guys will have better luck beating this Chapter too!

6 February 2023

I finally got a chance to play Yokai Battle mode, against Gashadokuro. Totally awesome and freaky battle to boot! Looking forward to score higher in the hits but its been fantastic just looking at the animation and tension in the event.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
Yokai Battle – Gashadokuro

Another observation today : If you beat a Chapter boss without using any sword skills (Annihilation, Concentration or Time Distortion), there is a greater chance of item drops. Am working on improving the economics of my farming runs, starting my adding points in the Mastery for Greed – Lucky & Material Collection. In case you need more money per run, you can try equip and upgrade the Crow Horn item as it has the “Gold reward increase” spec.

5 February 2023

I finally reached Chapter 5 today, and the Shaman gave me a rude surprise in one of the stages when he summoned a minion to add to a already chaotic battle field.

Not to mention the Stage 10 boss level Ninja guy is tough!

Although this game is a slow grind, but when you do unlock stuff, it just bring you back to some sense of excitement and you just don’t mind farming more to get further. At this point I am playing mostly on my mobile, at least I just need to watch ads to get a free life. On the Google Play Games Beta, since it is not ad supported, you’ll need to spend gems…

I’d rather save up those gems and spend it on a skin later!

Another thing I discovered, was if you are trying to beat Chapter 5, and want to farm for gold, the best harvest is from the chapter before (Chapter 4). Tried to go all the way back to Chapter 2 and the amount of gold was significantly much less (and drops are incredibly rare) after advancing to the later Chapters. Sneaky!

4 February 2023

Just optimizing Kenji’s equipment set and merging the duplicate equipment into higher tiers. Its a pretty good idea to spend some money to merge the extra lower tier equipment to higher tier especially when you are just starting out. That’s where I basically get most of my money and material for my current character upgrades, and not just that, it will also boost your character’s specs. You can find this in the “Collection” section of the game, and take a look at which ones you haven’t unlocked yet.

Now if you are on an “farming for upgrade” spree like me, you probably noticed that material drops are pretty random. So don’t keep that money for a big upgrade, work on upgrading the smaller equipment like belts, pets, rings, necklace etc. Every 10 levels of upgrade can bring you a little extra rewards as well.

If you are playing daily, be sure to play the Yokai Battle mode. Yes I know some of you are probably just starting out and hardly can hit a dent on Oogama, at least you got a chance to get some essence that adds a little boost to your gear.

Baby steps guys, especially when you are in the Free-To-Play crowd. Persistence will pay off in the long run, just keep going!

3 February 2023

Well I managed to get Awaken a Epic Shura’s sword today, so decided to take it for a spin. 80% of my game time I was using the Whirlwind Twin Swords, so the obvious speed difference was the first thing that threw me off balance a bit at the start.

But after a while, I can start to see that it has a much more “fine tuned precise cut” feeling, which is something that a calm relaxed player will appreciate. Its like wielding a nice Japanese blade that slices through your enemies and the combo feels like a dance sometimes as Kenji can fluidly transition to the next target.

Compared to the rough quick DPS Twin Blades, this blade definitely requires some time to get used to, but it will serve you well. No wonder there are quite a number of fans that would vouch for this blade when playing the “Shura Road” Mode further into the game

The one thing I think you should also invest in when using this blade, is the “attack speed” spec. Go for the “constant buff” instead of first 5 sec. I think there is also a Mastery for Attack Speed as well.

Also another observation, I seem to get more Fan or Pet Item drops in Chapter 3 compared to Chapter 2. Those of you looking to farm may wanna check this out and let me know.

At least I have the awesome Chapter 3 stage 15 frogs (especially the one that spews fire) as eye candy while I farm it to death. Changed out the neck chain for Kenji into something higher tier, but it means I have to grind more more gold to upgrade it.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
Fire Breathing Demon Frogs

And who the heck is Yamagarasu? The lady boss in Chapter 3 seem to be looking for him / it / whatever it is. And she seem to be relieved to be killed too.

2 February 2023

So yeah, grinded the whole day with Samurai Kenji, I was finally able to beat Chapter 3 and unlocked Yokai Battle, Change Appearance & Essence.

So if you guys are also looking to beat a Chapter, just remember that on the mobile version you can get a free resurrect by watching ads. No luck getting ads to work on the Google Play Beta (PC) at time of writing. Basically that’s how I beat Chapter 3 by a hairline.

Chapter 3 is a fantastic milestone to reach, as you get to see a little more of the game besides what you usually see in screenshots all over the internet. I kinda understand why because it is quite a grind (and many rounds of disappointment) before I even managed to beat Chapter 3.

Of course being such a new low level character, the moment I stepped into theYokai Battle – the Oogama area, I was hopelessly defeated. After 3 attempts, I only managed to accumulate 7,719 DMG. Saving a screenshot here as a memoir because I believe it is only a matter of time until I get stronger (with more farming, and skill, and better weaponry…)

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
Baby Samurai DMG score. Lets see what happens after 6 months of growing the character specs.

Then I checked out the “Change Appearance” part of the game. So its basically like skins for your character, and each of them has buffs that enhance the character a certain way. What caught my eye was the “Blue Samurai Hakama” where it says “When Samurai Hakama is equipped, Counter Flashing becomes much easier”.

I think I have at this point played through close to 100 runs and I think it is safe to say that the game is rigged a little for Counter Flashes to be more difficult to perform. However, I did play Tomoe a little and noticed that it is significantly easier to Counter Flash Spear Shogun Soldiers for some reason. Perhaps it is intentional since her weapon does have the necessary reach and timing to hit the Counter Flash window.

Since I also had a chance to play through Tomoe a little today, I have to say her Naginata attacks (bladed bo-stick) were exceptionally well animated. And since she had Great tier weapons the moment I got her, it was a breeze cutting through Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 with little upgrades. You’ll like the flashier special moves of her Naginata too.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
Tomoe Naginata Skill is so flashy!

Since the coin currency is now shared between my 2 characters, you guessed it – more grinding and farming sessions.

1 February 2023

W00t! I managed to save enough gems to unlock Tomoe. Surprisingly its like having a brand new character with 2 great weapon – The Cascading Naginata, BlazeLight Bow & the Fox Diety Armor. All Mastery points are unassigned, you basically start back at Chapter 1 for this character.

Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs
A beefed up character for loyal players, costs 3000 gems to obtain

Also, I managed to reach Chapter 3 Stage 13 heh. Looooong ways to go but it’s good that I managed to beat the first boss in Chapter 3. I think it’s best to upgrade all equipment to Rare Level if you can (since it has a much higher level upgrade), but of course you’ll need plenty of money and material.

31 January 2023

So far I am just farming Chapter 2 with the make Samurai Kenji, and it has been a good game to sink into, white saving up for a AAA title like Ghost Of Tsushima or Sekiro.

Just remember that it is always better to fight it out than use the “Raid” mode after unlocking Chapter 2. So example, if raiding Chapter 2 gets you 20 exp, playing through it yourself gets you 60 exp. I figured it would take around 7 days for a person to easily reach account level 30 (assuming you play once every 4 hours).

Sometimes the server would be down for maintenance (there have been reports of people using cheats and hacks on the game) to purge unfair play which all is good as normally you will get compensated when you come back on. It’s a nice touch (although unnecessary) but it keeps players coming back for the game.

Been looking up the internet on what other players think and they say Chapter 5 and 7 is particularly tough to get through, which means at some point you’d have to change your strategy or equipment. Meaning…more farming! Hahaha…

So in short, I guess it’ll be months before I complete the Chapters.

You’ve reached the end of the “Ronin the Last Samurai Battle Logs”.

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